Touring the Village


Please join us for a tour of the Rossmoor Community to look at the New England charm of its buildings, large colonial chimneys, saltbox shapes as well as the names of its streets and units recalling places and people from a time when our country was first settled.


The Village of Rossmoor is a fully developed, financially stable and well organized active adult community often described as one of the best retirement communities in the country. It is situated on 9/10ths of a square mile of land in central New Jersey. Its 2303 residences encircle a 108 acre Championship Golf Course. (To read about this excellent course, follow links on the Rossmoor Home Page at your leisure.) The village offers the widest selection of living space of any adult community — from smaller units of 500 sq. feet, to larger units with 2,300 sq. feet of living space.

We think you will agree that the village layout is imaginative. There are approximately 43 miles of winding sidewalks to explore (or to walk or to bicycle if you are a resident) some of which become interesting paths between the units. There is a brookside area, a tall trees area, and wide open expanses of sky which change constantly in different weather and "time of day" conditions — it is a visually interesting community in which to live. Only for the sake of our website tour, we have created descriptive names for different areas within Rossmoor such as "The North East Corner," "The East Side," "Brookside," "Sky West" and others.

The tour begins at the NorthGate (red square), and goes clockwise to show the community from different vantage points. It follows the elliptical line on the map (to the right) which traces "Old Nassau Road," a 2.2 mile long street connecting all parts of Rossmoor.

Follow the arrows at the bottom of each page and take an "in-depth" tour of this active adult community. We have put together views of Rossmoor in all seasons, and sincerely hope you will enjoy your visit. (When you have concluded the tour, see our community floor plans from the Rossmoor Home Page.)

Map of the Rossmoor Community

A Map of Rossmoor
(elev. 140 feet)

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Rossmoor Entrance

"One of the things that attracted us so much at the time of our first visit, was the lovely 'New England' character of the community. Having lived in New England for many years, it was much like 'coming home.' The white houses, some with large oversized chimneys and filigreed doorway lintels, are so reminiscent. The village green; some areas with tall trees and others that seem wide open; a white-steepled Meeting House, and even a small stream with weeping willows along its banks — set this community aside from all the others we visited. Despite the time passed since that first visit, what we see daily is still a pleasure." 

(from a note by a new resident, 2004)

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