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Overview of the Bazaar
The Rossmoor Annual Holiday Bazaar has a history going back to 1969 when it was held for the very first time. From the start the event was so successful that it has been repeated more than 35 times since.

When it began, the Guild was essentially a group within the Rossmoor Community Church. The proceeds of sales went to the support of the church and its outreach. Over time the Guild has become fully ecumenical with many of its approximately 180 members (in 2005) being drawn from all faith communities in Rossmoor. The focus of its benevolence has also evolved and today embraces a wider world of need outside the Rossmoor Community.

Beginning in March each year, the Officers of the Guild appoint a Chairperson from among the Guild Membership. This member contacts and assigns a leader for each of the nine categories of items for sale.

1) The Silent Auction 5) The Sewing Room
2) Arts and Crafts 6) Grandma's and Grandpa's Attic
3) Knitters 7) Books & Toys
4) Used Clothing 8) Gourmet Food Items
9) The Lunch Room — on the day of the Auction

The hard work then begins with the start of making, collecting, cataloging, pricing (of all but #8 and #9) and —- most importantly —- storage of the items received for sale. This all becomes an eight month project! Many of the items are donated by Guild Members and their friends, and from any resident who would like to give a contribution. A common source of items arises when a resident moves from Rossmoor. Chairperson of the various sections may become aware of a friend or neighbor leaving the community and contact them or their family. In this way many household effects, no longer necessary, are contributed to the next auction — a wonderful way that former residents can say "thank you" for all that Rossmoor has meant to them.

When the first Saturday in November nears, plans are made to set up the various components of the Bazaar —- such as the Silent Auction, items from which are shown here. Last minute arrival of donations continue over the Wednesday, Thursday and Friday preceding the actual event.  
  The Red Room in the Clubhouse takes on a glow that is charming, and the lovely pieces —- tastefully displayed —- transform the room into almost an Art Exhibit!

Education Scholarships
Raising money for scholarships is the primary focus of the bazaar. As much as $14,000 is raised each year. The money provides scholarships for qualified seniors of the Monroe Township High School who are entering college in the Fall.

The Scholarship Chairperson of the Guild works with a Guidance Counselor and Principal of the High School to select the 10 recipients of each years' award. The criteria applied include:

        • A student active in out of school programs
        • Above average Grades
        • Involvement and/or leadership in student activities
        • A determination of financial need.

The 10 students selected are invited to attend a Luncheon in the Rossmoor Ballroom on the third Thursday in May, along with their Guidance Counselor and Principal. The Luncheon in 2004 was also attended by 95 Rossmoor Residents. At the Luncheon the students introduce themselves, explain what college or university they will be attending, and what they hope to accomplish in the future.

Each student is awarded a $1000 scholarship which the Treasurer of the Guild sends to the Institution accepting that student for matriculation. The funds are transferred toward the end of August annually. Over more than 30 years, the Scholarship Program has distributed approximately $350,000 in educational funds to outstanding senior students from the community.

Arts & Crafts

The Annual Bazaar is fully advertised throughout the surrounding community. Notice is sent to the parents of students in the Monroe Township High School. Ads are placed in local newspapers, and invitations are sent to all surrounding retirement communities as well.

Everyone, from both inside and outside Rossmoor, is welcomed on Bazaar Day!

The holiday crafts pictured here are a particularly successful event and end up decorating homes throughout the width and breadth of Monroe Township!


offers many recycled treasures and gifts.


Other Charities Supported

Although the primary focus of the Bazaar is its Scholarship Program, other important charities are not forgotten. Funds also go to:

  1. The Rossmoor Health Care Center
  2. Rossmoor Education and Recreation Center
  3. Kiddie Keep-Well Camp, Edison, NJ
  4. South County Day Care Center, Jamesburg, NJ
  5. Monroe Township First Aid Squad
  6. Trenton Area Soup Kitchen (T.A.S.K.)
  7. InterFaith Council of Rossmoor
  8. Women Aware —- a program for abused women
  9. Rossmoor Community Church.





Grandpa's Attic features many useful household items such as appliances, tools, telephones, chairs, etc.

Gourmet Food Stuffs All the best specialty foods collected by the team are for sale.

Lunch Room is set up to sell tasty refreshments and always a good cup of coffee can be found there!

Used Clothing

Besides selling clothing (both period and current), more than 650 pounds of used clothing (2004) has also been delivered to the Rescue Mission in Trenton

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