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Archives of Selections from Rossmoor News Editions
To read, click on the pages noted below. Other Rossmoor News Editions will be uploaded as received from the publisher. Suggest access via Internet Explorer.

Instructions: Please allow 25-35 seconds - with a slower DSL Line, or even faster with cable - for each set to download. Sometimes the PDF file opens with just a black page - clicking on the page or opening the page to full size, sometimes is useful. Once downloaded, type size can be increased by clicking on the "Magnify" button in the Acrobat Reader Program.

October 2017 Issue: Read
September 2017 Issue: Read
August 2017 Issue: Read
July 2017 Issue: Read
June 2017 Issue: Read
May 2017 Issue: Read
April 2017 Issue: Read
March 2017 Issue: Read
February 2017 Issue: Read
January 2017 Issue: Read

December 2016 Issue: Read
November 2016 Issue: Read
October 2016 Issue: Read
September 2016 Issue: Read
August 2016 Issue: Read
July 2016 Issue: Read
June 2016 Issue: Read
May 2016 Issue: Read
April 2016 Issue: Read
March 2016 Issue: Read
February 2016 Issue: Read
January 2016 Issue: Read

December 2015 Issue: Read
November 2015 Issue: Read
October 2015 Issue: Read
September 2015 Issue: Read
August 2015 Issue: Read
July 2015 Issue: Read
June 2015 Issue: Read
May 2015 Issue: Read
April 2015 Issue: Read
March 2015 Issue: Read
February 2015 Issue: Read
January 2015 Issue: Read

December 2014 Issue: READ
November 2014 Issue: READ
October 2014 Issue: READ
September 2014 Issue: READ
August 2014 Issue: READ
July 2014 Issue: READ
June 2014 Issue: READ
May 2014 Issue: READ
April 2014 Issue: READ
March 2014 Issue: READ
February 2014 Issue: READ
January 2014 Issue: READ

December 2013 Issue: READ
November 2013 Issue: READ
September 2013 Issue: READ
July 2013 Issue: READ
June 2013 Issue: READ
May 2013 Issue: READ
January 2013 Issue: READ

November 2011 Issue: Page 1; Page 2-32
October 2011 Issue: Page 1-36
September 2011 Issue:
August 2011 Issue: Page 1-18; Page 19-36
July 2011 Issue: Page 1-32
June 2011 Issue: Page 1-36
May 2011 Issue: Page 1-32
April 2011 Issue: Page 1-6; Page 7-8; Page 9-32
March 2011 Issue: Page 1-32
February 2011 Issue: Page 1-16 ; Page 17-32
January 2011 Issue: Page 1-28

December/January 2010 Issue



November 2009 Issue

October 2009 Issue

September 2009 Issue

The 40th Anniversary Issue, July 2006




Our Beginning: The premiere issue of The Rossmoor News was published on June 30, 1966, almost seven months before the first residents moved into the community on January 18, 1967.  It has been published ever since.

Three thousand copies are printed monthly, and some 2,500 are mailed free-of-charge to each resident. Other copies are distributed in the wider community. The newspaper averages 40 pages and advertising helps pay the publishing costs.

The Rossmoor News provides residents with current community news, feature stories, profiles, columns, activities, club news, sports and information on entertainment and religious services.

In January 2011, the content and over sight of The Rossmoor News was reorganized and is now the responsibility of an all volunteer group consisting of a news board committee of six and contributors.  Contributors range from writers, proof readers, photographers and coordinators.

Among the recurring features are :

  • Bits and Pieces
  • Clubs
  • Community News
  • Crossword Puzzles
  • Culinary Corner - favorite recipes
  • Smilestones - celebrating happy family events
  • Health Care Center News - maintaining good health
  • Inquiring Photographer
  • Letters to the Editor
  • Looking Back
  • Musings and Memories
  • Mutuals
  • Profile - all about your neighbors
  • Sam’s-eye view - Rossmoor’s resident humorist
  • Sports
  • Tales of Rossmoor
  • The Art of Language
  • The Month That Was in Pictures

Some recent special features:

  • The Music Makers - musicians in Rossmoor
  • Photos from Marz - a resident’s world-class nature photos
  • A River Town’s Charms - visit to Bordentown
  • The Glory Days - Rossmoor’s star athletes
  • Exploring New Jersey - great places to visit


Contact Us

Princeton Editorial Services, Inc., P. O. Box 70, Millstone Township, New Jersey 08510,
(732) 761-8534, is now in charge of the printing, distributing and advertising for the Rossmoor News.  The paper is published monthly and mailed directly to the 2,303 homes within Rossmoor and distributed in the wider community at no cost to Rossmoor. If you are interested in placing a display or classified in the Rossmoor News, please contact Princeton Editorial Services.

Articles are due by the first week of the month prior to the month of publication and should be emailed as a Word document to news@rossmoor-nj.comLetters to the Editor have the same deadline but should be emailed as a Word document to pescmd@aol.com. If this is not possible, please contact the Rossmoor Administration Office at 609-655-1000 and staff will be happy to assist you with your transmission.

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